The monotype technique is the printmaking technique most closely aligned with painting. This series was created my manipulating ink on a clear acetate sheet. Unlike other techniques there are no surface marks or grooves to carry ink so each impression is unique, though another couple of 'ghost' prints are sometimes possible, as is the case here with Fenceboy I and IV although the plate was further modified before the second impression was taken.

The title and theme here alludes to the toys and baby dolls that the peace camp women tied to the perimeter fence at Greenham Common to index the children many of them had left behind, or to symbolise the child as an innocent victim of war. Yet I was interested in combining these meanings with the alternative idea of the boy-child as a problematic agent programmed towards aggression from an early age.

I will donate 60% of any sale from this series to Launchpad Reading’s leading homelessness prevention charity. Whenever this happens I'll report on my social media channels.

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