Turn paper into bronze

I've been given the opportunity to create a bronze sculpture for Sandham Memorial Chapel, a National Trust property in Burghclere that is famous for its cycle of paintings by Stanley Spencer.

This sculpture will be part of the exhibition "Of geometry and gods, side by side" that will take place from 8th to 26th April 2020 when I'll be showing my work alongside stone carvings by the sculptor and architect James Dunnett.

I'm crowdfunding to meet foundry costs. Please watch the short video for more info.

109 Stanzas for Nell Glendell

This painting forms part of "In Reading Gaol by Reading Town" an exhibition at The Turbine House, Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock, Reading RG1 3EQ, 10-6 daily, 31 Aug - 15th Sept. The exhibition involves 20 artists and their responses to Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol.

About the painting: Wilde dedicated his ballad to a murderer: ‘In Memoriam C.T.W. Sometime Trooper of the Royal Horse Guards.’ In contrast his victim, Ellen Wooldridge, née Glendell, is afforded just one line out of 654 and remains anonymous. Whatever the merits of the ballad in attacking the Victorian prison system I find Wilde’s sympathy and dedication to C.T.W. and the famous line "For each man kills the thing he loves” deeply troubling. This painting is my attempt to somehow pay tribute to Ellen. Like Wilde’s ballad the painting comprises 109 stanzas (stanza: from the Italian for room or stopping place) which either contain imagined portraits of Ellen or lozenges derived from the Cooke and Wheatstone's five-needle, six-wire telegraph that was used on the Great Western Railway and which Ellen was learning to use. The 109th stanza is made up of the other 108.

Art and the Art of Protest

This panel discussion was recorded during the exhibition NO EDEN. Captions should appear automatically but can always be turned on via the YouTube settings for the video. #ACEsupported #NOEdenGCT

In Conversation with Lucy Cox

Here I am discussing painting & sources with Lucy Cox during NO EDEN @GreenhamTower . Thanks to Lucy Cox & Meg Thomas for hosting & Arts Council England for supporting my project #ACEsupported #NoEDenGCT

Review of No Eden

Here is a review of the exhibition by James Dunnett, a Cambridge-trained architect who was also a member of Anthony Caro's Advanced Sculpture Course at St Martin's in the 1970s. He later worked for the celebrated architect Erno Goldfinger RA. He has written art reviews for Art Monthly, Architects' Journal, Architectural Review, 3rd Dimension and other journals.

Creekside Open 2019

I am proud to be one of the artists selected by Sacha Craddock for the Creekside Open 2019 taking place 13 June - 07 July. 

A.P.T. Gallery, Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 4SA

Arts Council Funding 

I am very pleased indeed that NO EDEN has been awarded an Arts Council Project Grant. You can visit the show from March 16th. Please get in touch for more info.


Sarah Britten-Jones, Peter Driver, Robert Fitzmaurice

11-14 April 2019
OpenHand OpenSpace
570 Oxford Rd
RG30 1HL